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Song Translations

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Songs From Ricky's Newest Album
Vuelve    Franco de Vita
Casi un Bolero    Robi Rosa-KC Porter-Luis Gomez Escolar
Perdido Sin Ti    Robi Rosa-KC Porter-Luis Gomez Escolar
Por Arriba, Por Abajo    Robi Rosa-KC Porter-Luis Gomez Escolar
Corazonado    Robi Rosa-KC Porter-Luis Gomez Escolar
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VUELVE  Come Back

Something tells me you're not coming back
I'm certain that this time
There's no going back

After everything I went to tell you no
You know well that it's not certain
I'm dying inside

And now I realize
That without you I'm nothing
I've lost the strength
I've lost the desire

I tried to find you
In other people
They're not the same
It's not the same
An abyss separates us

Come back
Because without you my life just goes by
Come back
Because I can't breathe if you're not here
Come back
No one can take your place

There's so much space
If you're not here
A minute doesn't go by that I don't think (about you)
Without you my life passes slowly by

Something tells me
That it's not worth it
So many sleepless nights
Hugging my pillow

If I could I'd turn back time
Now that I understand you
Now that I've lost you

And despite that I went
to tell you no
Without a doubt I'm still here begging you

Come back
Because without you my life just goes by....

Casi un Bolero  Almost a Love Song

The bells are ringing in my mind
Sadly they ring for me
Throughout this empty house
They remind me so much, so much of you

This horrible loneliness
Comes with me, and with me it goes
With your picture against my skin
A dream in my heart
It's almost a love song

And I wish you were with me right now and always
And I wish I could see you next to me again and much more
This sadness I sing to you
Is blown away in the wind (I sing this sad song that blows away in the wind?)

Now that I'm looking for you I regret
I don't know why I stopped walking with you
I never told you that I love you
You couldn't guess it

With your memory always
Like a phantom that doesn't go away
I press your picture against my skin
A dream in my heart
Almost a love song

Perdido Sin Ti  Lost Without You

Stay every night
And dream of me in the moon
Love me on the streets
Lost from my life
Kiss me little by little (slowly?)
I can't be dying
Alive with this craziness
Lost that loves you

If I miss your presence
I loose myself looking for you
I close my life, I close it for me
The empty book of my life
The empty book of my life

I'm lost without you
Don't leave me all alone
Without you

Stay in my house
Te amo
Without you I have nothing
Te necesito
Without you there's nothing left

I'm lost
Don't leave me all alone
Without you
Stay in my house
Don't leave
Without you I have nothing
Without you there's nothing left

All of your life
Lost without you

Stay in my memory
And hide yourself in my arms
Soak into me through my pores
Opened by my wound
Look at me from nearby
And kill me if you want
But don't abandon me
To the wind of my life

Por Arriba, Por Abajo  Above, Below

St. Cecilia, I want to sing to you
St. Meliton, teach me the sound
St. Lucy, I want to look at you
I ask it of you, St. Corazon

Saint Patience
Saint Piety
Saint Rumbita
I want to enjoy
Saint Sadness
That's it
Only with her will I dance

Above, Below
Heated up
Well fitted
Above, below
Little angels
Without sin

St. Virginia I don't know if I should attack
St. Valentine I want a monton
St. Innocence I want to touch you
But don't leave me St. Corazon

Saint Lies
Saint Truth
Saint Romance
I want to hold you
Saint happiness
That's it
Only with her will I dance.


I'll tell you a secret
And leave it between you and me
I think I love you
Maybe yes, maybe no

And I kissed you instinctively
Without knowing what you'd do
I stabbed myself in the heart

In front of your body
I'm broken
I feel blessed by your love

Held in your arms
It's melted
The iceberg of my frozen heart

Now I'm afraid
If I tell you the truth
My ego will suffer
My vanity destroyed

I touched you immediately
Suicide heart
I fell in love
I loved you voluntarily
It's you, my secret, it's you
I love you, it's true I love you