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Hello Angels!!!

How's it going? Well it is FINALLY here!!! The February NL!!!
First I would like to start by saying WELCOME to the new angels!
Welcome to Yoli T, Maria L, and Emilie. I hope you all enjoy being ANGELS for the most famous ex-GH character ever-- that is right-- Miguel Morez!!
Have fun reading the NL!! I will be back later!

Nicole, President
Keeper of Miguel's Golden Voice

A note from our fearless founder!!!! Cecilia : )

Greetings, Angels!

Well, seems like it's our 6-month anniversary!! Congratulations to us!

And one more thing to congratulate ourselves on is our membership! We have passed the 35-member mark! WHich brings me to the next item. Welcome to all our new Angels! I know that many of you wrote to me asking how you could help. Right now I'm diligently learning how to build a website ( a project that's taking me much longer then expected), and basically the thing we lack most is Pictures. Ideas are also very welcome!

As for our future plans, we're still waiting to hear about Ricky's New York concerts, and when those plans have stabilized, we're going to try to get the NY/NJ Angel's (and any other's willing to make the trip) together to see the concert! Which brings me to our next project: a fan letter. Wouldn't it be fun to send Ricky a note telling him who we are? Thought so. Anyone who would like to coordinate this undertaking, please email me at Anyone wishing to contribute ideas (but not willing to get into a huge project) can also email!)

As I'm writing this note, I'm noting what a sad day it is for me. Stuck here in Washington DC, Ricky's new album doesn't come into the local record store until next week! I've heard that New York stores will be getting it today...So, since I can't get a hold of it just yet, would anyone like to write a review of the album? (Yes, if you'd like, it could be biased. Actually, we can have more than one review, so if you'd like to talk about the new album, email us @!)

Well, you've heard enough from me, I'll turn it back to Nicole and the VP's!
As always, if you'd like to email me about ANYTHING, chat or gab, feel free to email me at!

Have a great day, go forth and be Angels!

Cecilia : - )
Founder, Miguel Morez Guardian Angels
Keeper of Miguel's Beautiful Long Blonde Locks,
Keeper of Ricky's Beautiful Short Blonde Locks

Hey Nicole Again!!

So did anyone get the new CD yet?? I did. One word can only describe it! AWESOME!!!!! Like Cec said, anyone willing review it? How about translate it? I do not speak or understand a word of spanish!! Any Volunteers?

Here is an updated list of keepership titles from the VP of Keeperships, Shannyn.

Hey Guys!!

Just thought i'd send you an updated list.
Cec-Kpr of his beautiful blone long locks
Nicole- Kpr of his golden voice
Shannyn- Kpr of his faraway son
Michelle- kpr of the talk he had with Lois about why people lie
Jen- Kpr of Miguel's song for Stone
Marie-France-Kpr of his smile & heart
Melissa -Kpr of his body & soul
Katrina- Kpr of his friendship w/Lois, Kpr of his musculer chest & arms, Kpr of his dimple
Gail-Kpr of his hands
Sophia- Kpr of his good reputation
Darlene- Kpr of Miguel's songs
Gaby B- Kpr of his beautiful eyes
Jessie- Kpr of his heartland
Candice- Kpr of his friendship w/ Brenda
Julissa- Kpr of his manhood
Yoli-Kpr of his strength & determination
Gwen- Kpr of his angelic sound of his voice & passionate look in his eyes
Amie-Kpr of his freindship w/ Robin
Diane- Kpr of his spirit
Marbella-kpr of his look
Ilona-Kpr of Miguel & Ricky's contagious laugh & good humor
Alicia- Kpr of his mind & thought
Ilse- Kpr of Ricky's fuego (de noche y de dia)
Yoli T- 2nd kpr of his heart

Well that is the updated list! DO you need a title? Email Shannyn at
Hey while your at check out her WEBPAGE for Steve Burton-you no the Hottie who plays Jason Morgan (formerly a Q).

Remember Angels- feel free to use your keepership title ANYWHERE you post!!
Put MMGA after your name too!!

Here is a note from our VP of Miguel Memories!! Gaby B.

Hi Angels!!! How is everyone doing? I am fine, thanks. So are we all ready for Ricky's new CD??? I sure am!! I included in this message a picture of the cover album as a little something special for you guys. I hope you like! : 0 ) For all of you who haven't listened to "Vuelve" yet don't worry because it'll soon be on the shelves in your music stores. Ths song is really beautiful. It's sort of a Ballad, but it does have sme fast beat to it when he sings the chourus (I love ABSOLUTLEY love this part!).

Well on to a Miguel Morez Memory.............
Gwen's favorite memory is when Miguel and Lily and everyone else went to PR for the concert Miguel did. WHen Miguel & Lily went to their son Juan's house for dinner and Juan asked them to tell him goodnight and then Juan asked Miguel to sing to him. That was the best episode ever, hearing Miguel/Ricky sing a capella was just moving.

Thanks Gwen for sharing your Favorite memory with us!!!

If anyone would like to share their favorite memory with the rest of us please send it to me, I will look forward to hearing from you!!

Until next time..take care and keep on loving and supporting Miguel/Ricky!!!

Gaby B. VP of Miguel Morez Memories and Keeper of his beautiful eyes

Some last things to say!!!

Well the GH trivia book is out on the shelves in the bookstore. Miguel is mentioned a few times in it. You can buy it at any book store! you all know Ricky's new CD is out!!! Like I said AWESOME!!

We are a subgroup of RMLAC-check them out at

Want to post a message on the PCO??

Well I hope you all have a Happy Valentine's day & a Happy Presidents Day=Happy B-day George and Abe!!!!

Anyone who went to PR for the BIG concert this weekend, I am sure you all had about a review of the events?

Until next time people!!! Feel free to send things out to all the Angels- after you read this print it out to save all the address's....ok? Spread the Miguel LOVE & PEACE!!!.....comments? Ideas? Sugestions?? Hate mail??? Email us at

Nicole, President
MMGA-Kpr of Miguel's golden voice
OLM, we are a subgroup of RMLAC!!!